Temporary Tattoos Stencils

 Custom hollow Tattoos Stencil Kit  

What's your Temporary Tattoos?

Tattoos are an amazing piece of art that is right there on your body. 
Multiple Pattern Designs
This set of temporary tattoo templates includes over 1000 different patterns.
Diversity of usage
The tattoo template for you can be used on body arms, shoulders, hands, ankles, chest, back, etc. 
Easy to Use
The body art stencils are adhesive and removable, just find the one you like and stick it on your body, and fill in the hollow, and then tear off it, done! 
Safe and Reuseable
 Tattoo stencils with high quality 3 layers PVC Henna tattoo stencils, Safe, Washable and Non-Toxic. 

Various Styles

These are our most popular Tattoos.

Various effects are shown

The detial are shown

Multiple Pattern Designs, including patterns,minimal,numbers, alphabets, flowers.....

How to use the temporary tattoos

Tattoos are an amazing piece of art that is right there on your body. 

  • If you have any questions, please eamil sales@dididiker.com us to resolve it. 


  • Perfect for Glitter Tattoos / Henna Tattoo/ face paint crayons/face paint brushes/ Body Art/ Temporary Tattoo Ink for both kids and adults.

  • Non-toxic and Safe.

  • Add glitter or other colours with a paintbrush for a special effect.

  • Various shapes and size for your choice. A4 Size.

  • Easy to use, transfer and remove without any glue.

  • Made in soft PVC, which is durable. If you are cautious and careful enough when use, they can be reusable for a few times more.

Time to show your tattoos

Dididiker is an eco-friendly temporary tattoo brand that believes that temporary tattoos make people happy. 

Whether for children or adults. We love permanent tattoos too, but they can be intimidating to some people. Without a permanent commitment, temporary tattoos can play an important role in self-expression.

If you’re going to a pool party, the beach or even a wedding, our tattoos will instantly spice up your look. Here we have collected some of the best options that can be applied to any part of the body. All the henna stickers on our tattoos are waterproof, safe, so they won’t come off or get destroyed if they get wet. 

FAQ & temporary tattoos

If you have any questions. We will answer them for you


Seen frequently asked question or chat with us now.

1. How long do Temporary Tattoos Last?

The tattoos are temporary and usually last two to three weeks before fading. However, the time it takes for the tattoo to disappear depends on where it's located on the body. 

Areas that are frequently exposed to soap, water, and sunlight – like your hands – will fade more quickly. Covered areas should stay fresh for much longer. 

You can also make your henna tattoo last longer by ensuring your skin is thoroughly exfoliated and shave before applying it. That means you won't be applying the henna ink to dead skin.

2. Where can the tattoo stickers be used?

The tattoo template for you can be used on body arms, shoulders, hands, ankles, chest, back, etc. It is a great helper for tattoo kits. In addition, it can be used on other objects with smooth surfaces, allowing you or your child to use their unlimited imagination and creativity to create any scene freely.

3. What occasions can this tattoo sticker be used 

Perfect for party favors, any events such as wedding, birthday party, concert, the Pool, The Beach, Parties, Festivals, Concerts, hen Party, etc! Safe and fun for all ages, and can be use anywhere on your body. This series with popular tattoo will make you look different.

4. May I have tattoo stickers of other designs ?

Yes, we have multiple design for your choice. Send an email to sales@dididiker.com, and we’ll send the catalogue for your reference.

5. Can you make according to our design?

Yes, send an email to sales@dididiker.com and we'll help you get started! 

  • Please noted that order minimum of 3000 per design.

6. Is it safe and reusable?

Yes, he materials of our henna tattoo stencil is safe and durable. If you are careful enough when using, the tattoo templates can be reused a few times.